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Bloom Music Collective

Live music events for undiscovered artists in SoCal!

Hey, we're Bloom. There's a few things about the music industry we wanna change.

 1. Clean entertainment doesn't have to be lame.

The Chosen proved there's an entire market that Hollywood tried to do away with by pretending it didn't exist. Entertainment is oversaturated with vulgarity and darkness that a majority of the world isn't into. We can have fun in a way that doesn't compromise our morals- but we've been led to believe that Christian entertainment is niche and boring.


2. Christian and secular music should be played together.

Christian music is the only popular genre of music sorted strictly by content and not by sound. It shouldn't be weird to play your pop song that mentions God at a pop concert. 


3. The current algorithmic, number-obsessed business model of the music industry is failing both artists and labels.


Record labels have bought into the lie that the likability of an artist's music is proportionate to their numbers, and as a result, we are missing out on thousands of incredibly talented artists with music and messages that can change the world. We can’t keep punishing artists for their lack of recourses on how to make it in an industry that literally changes on a daily basis.

4. Social media is a robot designed to push the addictive, not the talented. If we're only relying on social media to find new music, we're missing out on talented artists who simply don't know how to make content.  

5. Furthermore- the money gap. 

The sound and lighting guys charge their fee. The producers have a buy-in price. The managers won't help until it's paid for. Everyone gets their cut- but chances are, the artists are up there playing for free *cough* sorry, exposure. Just because artists would die to play their music doesn't mean they shouldn't be paid their fair share.  

It shouldn't be this hard just to play your originals.


Bloom is on a mission to change that. 

We're a series of house concerts where the only prerequisites to perform are an alignment of vision and talent. Artists aren't backup music, they're the main event, in an intimate venue where audiences can genuinely connect with their stories and music. Want to see what we're up to?

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